University Full of Life
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Skating on thin ice – this is how a modern creative person may feel nowadays about coming up with the right concept for a university commercial. It seems that most Czech universities try to impress their prospective students with spots that are unfortunately rather forced and instead of filling up the students with enthusiasm, they tend to discourage them and are laughed at as a result. This is why we used a simple approach from the very beginning of the spot production and had a lot of respect for the university values. In the spot, we show various situations that the CULS students may encounter. Thanks to engaging the CULS students themselves as actors, the spot gives an unusually true impression and shows what the student life at CULS actually feels like: it is a university full of life.

Responsible riot team

Creative Director

Michaela Patočková


Michaela Patočková


Martin Lisý

Director of Photography

Martin Linhart

Line Producer

Michaela Šimáková

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